Mariah Carey Weight Loss

Changes that occur suddenly and unexpectedly often make others go crazy!

As soon as Mariah Carey weight loss pictures got viral, we witnessed the internet going gaga over the lady’s sexy figure!

Mariah Carey Shows Off Impressive 25-Pound Weight Loss

Mariah Carey, a name known by many of us, barely needs an introduction. The multi-talented singer is also praised for her songwriting and acting skills.

Mariah was never too skinny.

On top of that, she gained more weight after giving birth to her children. Despite of that, nothing stopped the lady from donning whatever she desired.

She had always flaunted her curves confidently in her cleavage-bearing and skimpy attires, until a day came, when she was made to give her body a serious thought! 

So what exactly happened with Mariah and what made her serious about a transformation?

What is her secret to this quick weight loss, in short, why and how Mariah Carey lose weight?

No doubt, Mariah has never looked this hot and tempting before. Her once curvier body now looks much toned and in shape.

While there was curiosity about her sudden and drastic body change all over, sources and reports revealed her secret to weight loss, the secret that made Mariah look ten years younger than her age!


Age: 47
Height: 1.73m (5.6)
Weight loss: 25lbs
Figure: 38-26-35


While celebrities have the power to spend on unconventional methods that can help them transform overnight, many choose the natural way to be on the safer side.

Mariah Carey Shows Off Slimmed Down FigureIndeed, natural approaches require patience and higher level of dedication; celebrities adhere to these methods to ensure they come out of the phase safe and sound.

However, not everyone has the patience and tolerance to sweat hard in the gym or give up on their favorite foods.

Mariah Carey, is one example who chose the unconventional way to slim down her waist and look fabulous real quick!

Interestingly, the singer had been following a healthy diet and workouts since years, yet, the sudden and visible changes in her weight indicated towards a quick fix!

According to the sources, she underwent gastric sleeve surgery, a procedure that aids in shrinking the stomach and ultimately making one looks slimmer at a speedy pace.


Though being confident and very much in love with her body, the 47 years old Mariah Carey was subjected to body shaming on several counts. Mariah, who had always looked bulkier, was ridiculed for being overweight.

It is said that after facing constant contemptuous remarks on her body; she became very conscious about her weight, and ended up going for gastric sleeve surgery, the procedure that helped her lose weight, very fast.

Besides this, Christmas, was another reason, or say, source of motivation that led her to go under the knife.

The pop singer wanted to enjoy her Christmas Eve dancing, but because of being overweight, this couldn’t have been possible. And so, she decided to give herself a new look, a transformed body.

If you have seen Mariah Carey before and after photos, you can swear to my words how gorgeously she has transformed after her surgery!


It is interesting to note that the surgery she went for limits the capacity of stomach to hold food.

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka perform

As a result, the person’s appetite reduces and with the consumption of less food, he or she feels satisfied and full too quickly.

Mariah Carey diet on the other hand, comprises of capers and Norwegian salmon. As said, Mariah was never too thin, and to ensure she manages her weight and stops it from increasing, she used to focus more on protein. Taking more protein was very much favorable for her fitness goals!

We wonder how well her diet is helping her look so breathtaking and spectacular.


Post her delivery, Mariah claimed to gain 70 pounds which made her look too bulky and curvy.

However, she soon felt the need to manage her weight as it was becoming too difficult for her to move.

Shedding off her post pregnancy weight, and that too, very quickly, was never that easy, particularly when she had a C-section. Yet, she started with little.

Has Mariah Carey Had Weight Loss Surgery?

She used to go on long walks and do some light exercises thrice a week.

Mariah Carey workout was not something extraordinary or unconventional, though, she was fond of water workouts!


Once being body shamed on several social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook, Mariah is now set to raise the temperature higher!

Ever since Mariah has posted her jaw-dropping, toned and transformed body on Instagram, men are facing sleepless nights and women of her age are envying her. And why not, after all, she is a hottie at forty!

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